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AWS Athena Error: Query exhausted resources at this scale factor

If you’re using Amazon Athena, you may have seen these errors. About AWS Athena errors and how to deal with them.

Robert Meyer

Snowflake vs. Redshift (vs. Firebolt)

 A detailed comparison of Snowflake vs. Redshift, by architecture, scalability, performance, use cases and cost.

Robert Meyer

Athena vs. Redshift Spectrum vs. Presto

Learn some simple rules of thumb you can use to choose the best federated query engine for your company's needs.

Robert Meyer

Choosing Between The Best Federated Query Engine And a Data Warehouse

How companies should avoid creating a slow many headed federated Gorgon out of out of Athena.

Robert Meyer

Cloud Data Warehouse Requirement Template

A checklist of criteria to help you determine which factors are most important for the success of your organization

Tamar Gal

Why even simple queries can be slow (but not with Firebolt)

Why even simple queries can be slow in cloud data warehouses and how Firebolt uses indexing to prune data and stay fast?

Boaz Farkash

How To Support Ad Hoc Analysis - Part 2

How to support ad hoc analysis - Part 2: The right ad hoc analytics architecture

Robert Meyer

How To Support Ad Hoc Analysis - Part 1

How to support ad hoc analysis: Part 1 - The 4 requirements for an ad hoc analytics architecture

Robert Meyer

The data hitchhiker’s guide to cloud analytics

"In the beginning, there was a data mess". Don’t Panic, just read our data hitchhiker’s guide to cloud analytics.

Robert Meyer

Firebolt launches with $37 million in funding  

The funding included participation from Zeev Ventures, TLV Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners and Angular Ventures.

Eldad Farkash

Snowflake vs Firebolt

We often get asked “what’s the difference between Firebolt and Snowflake?” and it reminds me of Frozen.

Robert Meyer

The Evolution of Data Warehouses and Query Engines on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Choosing the right data warehouse and analytics infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be confusing.

Robert Meyer

Who the Hell Needs Another Cloud Data Warehouse?

There’s so many data warehouses out there, who the hell needs another one? Three main things that make Firebolt unique.

Eldad Farkash

Understanding the tech behind Snowflake’s IPO and what’s to come

The technological concepts that make Snowflake so unique, and why it has proven to be so disruptful for the data space.

Boaz Farkash
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