Firebolt Hands-on Workshop

Mar 5, 2024

Join an instructor-led, hands-on workshop where you’ll learn how to deliver sub-second analytics over TB-scale datasets with Firebolt's cloud data warehouse.Register

Upcoming Events

AWS Summit Tel Aviv

June 26, 2024

Come see us at AWS Summit Tel Aviv Booth B17 for a hands-on demo of Firebolt. Meet our team to explore your data challenges and learn how Firebolt can accelerate and scale your analytics over AWS.
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AWS Summit NYC

July 10, 2024

Join us at AWS Summit NYC Booth 933 for a hands-on demo of Firebolt. Meet our team to explore your data challenges and learn how Firebolt can accelerate and scale your analytics over AWS.
Meet the team

Hayadata - Tel Aviv

Sept 24, 2024

At Hayadata, Yoav Shmaria, VP R&D SaaS Platform at Similarweb will share how they use Firebolt to serve data about millions of websites to their worldwide customers with consistent millisecond response times. Visit Firebolt's booth for a hands-on demo.

Coalesce - Las Vegas

Oct 7-10, 2024

Visit us at Coalesce for a hands-on demo of Firebolt's dbt connector. Meet our team to learn how you can perform high-performance data transformations and modeling efficiently on TB-scale datasets with dbt and Firebolt.

Event Replays

How Bigabid analyzes 30B AdTech records in sub-seconds

Join Yaron Cohen, BI Team Lead at Bigabid and Elad Greenfield, Solutions Specialist at Firebolt to learn how Bigabid cut costs while accelerating queries 400X by moving from Redshift to Firebolt.
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Data4Dev - Global

Join us for a night of data, engineering, and everything in between with some special guests from Canva, Bolt, PayU, and Vrio. We’ll compare data platforms head-to-head, see how Firebolt tackles your toughest queries, and talk killer tactics for advanced-level developers.
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re:invent - Las Vegas

While BI teams may have gotten used to waiting on dashboards to load, data app experiences are expected to be much faster. At re:Invent, Matan Sarig demonstrated how Firebolt can efficiently deliver sub-second analytics at terabyte scale - without breaking the bank.
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Coalesce - New Orleans

At dbt’s Analytics Engineering Conference, Rob Harmon and Jay Rajendran talked about why data apps are the next wave in analytics engineering - and how to prepare for it. Their session explores real-world examples of data apps, and how the modern data stack is advancing to support sub-second and high concurrency analytics to meet the new wave of demand.
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Data Dev & Drive - London

A gathering of advanced-level engineers, where Mark Rittman put data pros from Primer, Appsflyer, Cube and Firebolt in the hot-seat to tackle TB-scale analytics challenges.Watch the sessions

The Data Engineering Show on the Road - San Francisco

In the Data Engineering Show’s first in-person event, the Data Bros talked to top engineers from Slack, Eventbrite and Anteriad about their data stacks and best practices for large-scale analytics.
Watch the sessions

Data4Dev - Tel Aviv

In the Data Engineering Show’s first in-person event, the Data Bros talked to top engineers from Slack, Eventbrite and Anteriad about their data stacks and best practices for large-scale analytics.Watch the session (Hebrew)

Survey Report: Data Teams' Outlook on Data Warehousing in 2023

Mark Rittman, Archana Ganapathi, Benjamin Rogojan and Jay Rajendran go through our survey report to wrap up 2022 and prepare for 2023.
Watch on-demand

Building Lightning-fast data apps with Cube and Firebolt

Igor Lukanin and Luka Lovosevic demo how Cube and Firebolt work together to fast-track your data app development, and deliver sub-second experiences for your users.
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Data Architects Unplugged: Survival stories from the field

Firebolt architects are constantly at the front line. Their job is to get the biggest data analytics and engineering challenges from customers and come up with innovative solutions. Rob, Chris, Matthew, and Jay got together to talk about the craziest challenges they got, the main trends customers are looking for, and 80s music albums that keep them going.
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Scaling beyond the Tableau extract: How to go fast on live data with Firebolt

Extracts are a great solution for small to medium sized data. But what do you do with larger data volumes? How can you provide fast access to the largest data sets with the live query that your users demand? InterWorks, Tableau and Firebolt will discuss how to address this challenge.
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Data warehouse optimizations every developer should know

Learn about quick optimization tricks to speed up your queries before paying big bucks. In this session, Matan explored some of the traditional techniques, like indexing, as well as modern techniques that'll make your queries go from fast to fastest in the cloud.
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How Firebolt runs over Firebolt

As a company in growth mode, our data volumes increase every day. That’s why we had to design an internal data platform that could cope with massive and dynamic scaling.Watch on-demand

Leapfrogging from traditional analytics to modern data apps

Analytics reporting’ is transitioning to 'Data Apps' – the packaged, consumer grade version of analytics, delivered by engineering and dev teams. Thanks to so many things happening in the data landscape (SaaS data warehousing, decoupled storage and compute, serverless architectures) these apps are being built directly over the data warehouse.Boaz Farkash explains how

Data mesh and sub-second analytics at TB scale

Discover best practices companies have used to implement data mesh for modern analytics across their employees, customers, and business ecosystem.Watch on-demand

Next generation performance with dbt

Tune in with Kevin Marr and Cody Schwarz to learn about Firebolt’s next generation performance, its new dbt integration, and its vision to bring more software engineering practices to the data warehouse.
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How Similarweb delivers interactive analytics to thousands of customers in production

Yoav Shmaria, VP R&D Platform and Idan Lahav, R&D Team Leader at Similarweb will unlock the key elements in Similarweb’s data stack which make it the leading market intelligence platform today.Watch on-demand

How 1000 Looker users run analytics in sub-seconds

How do you maintain fast dashboard performance as you scale to 1000+ Looker users? Interactive analytics need new data that is not in the cache - And for that first time data, most data warehouses are too slow.Watch on-demand

How we built the world's fastest cloud data warehouse

Learn how Firebolt utilizes recent advancements in lake-scale optimized approaches to storage and indexing, to achieve new levels of efficiency for analytics over data volumes that were once impossible to handle.Watch on-demand

How AppsFlyer delivers sub-seconds self-service BI to 1000 users

Join Alexandra Sudilovski, Senior BI Expert at AppsFlyer and Boaz Farkash, CPO at Firebolt to learn how AppsFlyer scaled its self-service BI to support 1000 users running analytics at any scale in seconds, while delivering new reports within days.Watch on-demand

The magic pill for Tableau Extracts

Tableau extracts are great for high-speed interactive analytics. HOWEVER. Growth in data volumes results in slow dashboard response times. Plus, fresh data can’t be analyzed immediately since just generating extracts can take hours... To work around this, many Tableau users either analyze less data than they want or compromise on analyzing aggregated data. Firebolt's CPO Boaz Farkash will explain and demonstrate how to ingest granular data into the data warehouse and Tableau using a live connection.Watch on-demand

How to survive ad hoc and interactive analytics with big data

Is there anything more frustrating than waiting and waiting for a query to complete? This deep dive will go into techniques and common best practices for satisfying the need for ad hoc speed at big data scale.Watch on-demand

Webinar: Firebolt POCs explained -what makes Firebolt outperform Snowflake, Athena and others

Join Matan Sarig, Firebolt’s Solution Architect as he reveals the numbers behind some of Firebolt’s recent POCs. He’ll show you the queries tested and optimizations used and explain how Firebolt has delivered over 46-6000x faster performances vs Snowflake, Athena and others.Watch on-demand

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