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Elevate your data lake

Elevate your data lake

Leverage your data lake and the infinite scale of S3. Firebolt works with data in common file formats (Parquet, Avro, ORC…) in your data lake, and makes it easily ready for performant querying.

Built for modern data environments

Decoupled storage & compute

Decoupled storage & compute

Firebolt was designed to decouple storage & compute, allowing for granular elasticity and seamless scaling up/down of compute nodes in a shared-nothing architecture, while relying on shared S3 storage.

What a great analytics experience looks like

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Orders-of-magnitude leap

that has delivered 4-6000x faster performance than other data warehouses and query engines in customer benchmarks from gigabyte to petabyte scale:

Columnar data structure for faster analytics workloads

Vectorized processing and SIMD utilization for massive throughput at the CPU level

Just-in-time query compilation using LLVM for hardware optimized query plans

Continuously aggregated indexing for whopping data ingestion speeds and near-instant data updates

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Make terabytes & petabytes feel like megabytes

Firebolt was built with huge datasets in mind. Our unique technology combines the best of high-performance database architecture with the infinite scale of the data lake, guaranteeing unparalleled performance at any scale. Clusters of compute nodes use Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) to parallelize queries across nodes, through which fast performance can be maintained as data grows.


Built for granular elasticity

Firebolt is built on a decoupled storage & compute architecture, with native support for quick up/down scaling of compute resources per warehouse, database and query. Such granular control over resources and elasticity allows you to easily assign as many resources as needed only when you really need them, while avoiding overpaying for unused resources.

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An architecture data-engineers love

data warehouse architecture

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Continuous Data Ingestion

Continuous Data Ingestion

At Firebolt we realize the value in analyzing the most recent data. We designed a novel ingestion engine that makes new data in your data lake immediately available for querying.

A feature-set that gets the job done. Fast.

Full-blown DBMS capabilities

Full-blown DBMS capabilities

Full support for DDL and DML commands and everything that is needed to manage and automate your data workflows within the warehouse.



Firebolt speaks your language, enabling you to get started super fast. Easily run all your existing assets and the most complex queries with ANSI SQL.

Support semi-structured data

Support semi-structured data

Whether it’s structured or semi-structured JSON we easily ingest and make them available for querying using standard SQL.

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Manage everything with SQL

Manage everything with SQL

Firebolt's SQL parser and engine support a full range of elasticity and administration related SQL commands, allowing you to automate ETL/ELT flows, data validation procedures, up/down scaling of compute resources and other custom workflows - all using SQL scripts.

Security you can trust

Security you can trust

In order to be able to continuously and quickly deliver the data and insights your users need, quick queries are not enough. Firebolt’s end-to-end security gives you the confidence you need, with the right amount of flexibility so that your organization can quickly and securely enable others through data.

Integrates with your ecosystem

Firebolt enables out of the box integrations via standard REST APIs and JDBC, ensuring an open experience that will never lock you in.

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