The Data Warehouse for
Low-latency Analytics

Delivering performance at scale doesn’t have to be difficult.
With Firebolt, you can support mixed analytic workloads, from ELT to high-concurrency serving. All with the ease of SQL.

Unparalleled Price-Performance Ratio

For high-performance, high-concurrency,
mission-critical workloads

Indexes & accelerators

Optimize performance of any data model with JOIN accelerators and specialized indexes for efficient data pruning.

Efficient run-time

Combining distributed multi-threading, vectorized processing, tiered caching, sub-graph reuse, and resource-aware scheduling, Firebolt rapidly executes the query.

State-of-the-art optimizer

Firebolt's query optimizer turns any SQL into its most performant version by learning from the data profile and historical query patterns.

Efficient ELT

Fast Ingestion

Onboard large datasets with schema inference and parallel loads. Supports popular file formats: Parquet, JSON, CSV, AVRO and ORC.

Low -latency Updates & Deletes

Updates and deletes are fast and efficient allowing you to keep your data, indexes and aggregations automatically refreshed.

ACID Compliance

Enjoy relational database atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability with SQL simplicity.

Multi-stage Query Execution

Scale-out processing with distributed, point-to-point shuffle reduces network transfers while optimizing resource consumption.

Power Mixed Analytics Workloads

The capabilities of a data warehouse with the speed of a query accelerator - all in one platform

Optimized compute & storage
Adaptive Workload Management

Firebolt automatically manages tasks from admission control to infrastructure scaling, supporting mixed workloads.


Separate sensitive workloads to run on their own compute resources, without copying data.

Distributed Writes 
& Global Consistency

Decoupled metadata provides consistency with transactional writes from any compute resource.

Scale with Multidimensional Elasticity

Tune compute resources per workload for optimized performance and cost

Node type
Number of nodes
Select between 1-128 compute nodes.
Number of clusters
Add up to 10 clusters to increase query concurrency.
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FBUs per hour
Firebolt unit is a normalized measurement of consumption. FBU normalizes consumption management irrespective of node type, number of nodes, number of clusters, duration of consumption, etc.

Instant and online elasticity

Allocate resources just-in-time to right-size your workloads.

Support dynamic concurrency

Transparently add compute clusters to tackle the dynamic concurrency needs of your analytics-based applications.

Fine-grained scaling

Add nodes incrementally to reach the best price-performance balance.

Develop Data Products Faster

Empower data engineers, developers and DevOps with tools for the entire data lifecycle

Secure and Govern your Data Assets

Democratize your data with the right controls

Safeguard your data assets with a multi-layered security approach including network and infrastructure defenses, centralized authentication via single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, and fine-grained Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

Streamline governance using organizations and accounts, ensuring efficient spend management and consumption control. This approach facilitates the oversight of data assets, enhancing both operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.