A modern
cloud data
for builders
of next-gen

Finally, a cloud data warehouse that can handle the scale you need with the performance you always wanted

Built for

Modern data engineering
& dev teams

Firebolt fits into your modern data stack, and was designed to help you ship production-grade data apps quickly and reliably.
Orchestrate everything programmatically end-to-end through Firebolt’s APIs and SDKs, and even enjoy a web IDE you’ll actually want to keep using.


At Firebolt we’re obsessed with speed. We were built from the ground up to deliver order-of-magnitude performance gains compared to current technologies, so you can delight your users with sub-second analytics experiences.

Optimized columnar storage

Sparse indexing for reduced data scans

Vectorized processing and SIMD utilization. For massive throughput at the CPU level

Aggregating & Join indexes for an extra boost

A query optimizer that accelerates even your most complex queries

Built for

Data-lake scale

TB is the new GB, and it’s clear that our data volumes are going only in one direction - up. Firebolt’s decoupled storage and compute architecture allows you to easily scale as your data challenges grow, without the traditional complexities. Scaling up/down is a click (or SQL command) away.

Cloud data warehouse pricing model
When you need to


The promise of easy scale-up coupled with endless compute in the cloud sounds great. But when delivering fast analytics requires huge clusters even for datasets below 1TB, it becomes unaffordable for most. Firebolt is not just fast, but also introduces new levels of hardware efficiency. This means that you can deliver sub-second TB++ scale analytics using small and affordable compute clusters.

Check out these case studies to dive into some real-life examples:

Read our detailed whitepaper to learn what makes Firebolt so faaaast!

As easy as

Firebolt speaks ANSI-SQL, and sports a SQL IDE that you’ll actually enjoy using. We won’t discourage you from using joins and won’t encourage you to denormalize your data - it’s easy to remain fast with Firebolt. 

Don't compromise on query performance

get more done with JSON

JSON feels at home in Firebolt. No need to flatten your semi-structured data in lengthy ETL processes - Just ingest it natively into Firebolt. You can query it directly with SQL and traditional UNNEST, or enjoy even more flexibility and efficiency without unnesting and using our Lambda-like syntax and array manipulation options.

Secure. Period.

Enjoy the benefits of SaaS without compromising on security. Firebolt’s end-to-end security gives you the confidence you need, with the right amount of flexibility so that your organization can quickly and securely enable others through data.

Comes with your favorite


We’re adding more and more integrations at a high pace.
Let us know what you want us to add to the list. 

Curious to learn more?

Insane performance data warehouse firebolt

Fast. Faster. Fastest.

Deliver an order of magnitude gain in query performance, enabling sub-second analytics at TB++ scale. No need to scan large datasets thanks to sparse indexing and a performance and capacity optimized file format, and you can even take it a step further with Firebolt’s Join and Aggregating indexes. All delivered in a data warehouse without complex technology add-ons or tier uplifts.Learn more about our insane performance

firebolt - no impossible data challenges

Easy to use and scale

Tired of managing infrastructure ? Serious about decoupled storage & compute? So are we. Delivered as SaaS, Firebolt makes it easy to scale up or down and match any workload with its optimal compute resource. Simply bring your datasets and complex queries and let Firebolt do the rest.Learn more about granular elasticity

firebolt - Simple and easy to use

Built for developers

Leverage an extensive set of tools to create rich and performant solutions — all while using the power of SQL. JSONs are no exception! Firebolt is also increasingly adding integrations with the modern data stack, fully automated through APIs and SDKs. Spin-up/Spin-down development and test environments through automation helping experiment, iterate and deliver data environments faster.Learn why modern engineering and dev teams choose Firebolt

Unparalleled price-performance ratio

Did you know compute and storage cost overruns are a huge issue in the Cloud. For us, being fast is cool, but it’s even cooler without breaking the bank. Firebolt introduces new levels of hardware efficiency, enabling high performance analytics using small, affordable compute clusters with compressed and performance optimized object storage.Learn more about Firebolt pricing