A leading ecosystem of tech companies and integrators helping data engineering & dev teams build next-gen data apps and analytics

Technology Partners

We partner with modern data stack solutions that harness Firebolt's speed, scale and efficiency to extend what Firebolt users can achieve using complementary integrations and capabilities.

Consulting Partners

Firebolt Consulting Partners are data experts, and share our passion for helping customers get the most out of their data with Firebolt. They provide services around migration, implementation, data architecture and pipeline design, BI integration, ETL/ELT integration, data orchestration, performance optimization, and training.

What Our Partners Say

Firebolt enables our clients to deliver customer-facing analytics at-scale, leveraging their next-generation cloud data warehouse technology to provide sub-second response times on big data workloads.

Mark Rittman
Rittman Analytics

Together, Preset and Firebolt enable a new generation of business intelligence experiences that delight customers with exceptional speed, value, and performance.

Maxime Beauchemin
CEO and Co-Founder

dbt brings the analytics engineering workflow experience to Firebolt users who are working with terabytes of data to power modern data applications.

Amy Deora
Director of Partnerships

Firebolt is intensely focused on one thing - performance - and giving data the most utility by being available at scale in a price-performant way.

Philip Lima

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