Experience a 10x

Analyze more data, at higher speeds, and without breaking the bank!

data warehouse costs

Unparalleled efficiency - Firebolt handles more data, faster, with less hardware

Firebolt’s innovative technology, built on a unique mix of optimized storage, compute and indexing, brings unparalleled efficiency to its query engine. This means you can enjoy elasticity and speed at any scale, while relying on less hardware, which in turn means lower costs. 

data warehouse costs

Granular control over your compute resources and cost

Choose and tune the best infrastructure for each workload to get the best price-performance. For each Firebolt engine you can select from a variety of node types optimized for different kinds of workloads, scale up or down from 1-128 nodes on the fly, and even use spot instances for more savings.

cloud data warehouse pricing

Pay as you go with simple, transparent pricing

Getting started with Firebolt is easy, and no upfront investment is necessary. Our pay-as-you-go pricing means that you only pay for what you use, and don’t pay when you stop using. We believe in transparent pricing. This is why we always show the rate of the resources you use directly in the user interface. No need to be a certified accountant to understand it. 

Elevate your data lake


Choose from a wide variety of instance types and cluster sizes, starting from less than 1$/hour.
Decoupled storage & compute


No additional charge - pay the as-is S3 list price (~23$TB) for as much data as you need

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Want to see some real world results? Read on

Query #1

Query #2

Query #3

Query #5

Query #4



Examined queries durations:


Performance boost

62 sec

72 sec

90 sec

60 sec

83 sec

0.16 sec

0.09 sec

1.88 sec

0.01 sec

1.6 sec







Warehouse size:


1 x c5d.4xlarge

Recent POC results

Look at these numbers! Our client compared Firebolt vs Snowflake
across 5 real-world analytical queries over a 0.5 TB data set.

Up to 6000X
performance boost!

Disclaimer - This is not a global benchmark. The results are based on real world queries and run-times as reported by our users over Snowflake, and their equivalent run-times over the same data in Firebolt after tuning and optimization

An astonishing


Price performance

A leading yield management vendor was struggling with Snowflake performance, with queries taking 60-90 seconds on average on a Large warehouse ($16/hour).

With Firebolt, queries running on an engine costing $1.54 on-demand (or $0.378 spot), or 10-42x lower cost, delivered a 30-6000x performance improvement across different queries!

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Get started today

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