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warehouse pricing

Simple, transparent and fair pricing, so you can stop worrying about costs and focus on results

Cloud data warehouse providers profit from the cloud resources you consume. We don’t!

Our pricing has two parts:

AWS Amazon

AWS cloud resources at base cost

Pay the base cost for compute, storage and networking (we don’t make any profit here)

Easily start and stop compute resources to control costs

You can even run your compute clusters on spot instances for further savings

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A fixed annual subscription

Our SaaS platform subscription doesn’t limit compute, users, or connectivity and depends on the size of your data set

A large marketing tech company tested their daily ETL of 39 Billion records as part of their evaluation process.

An astonishing



It took Firebolt 2.5 hours to ingest the data using a compute node costing $20/hour (total of $50), as opposed to the 2nd best result by a highly popular cloud data warehouse, which took 6 hours using a $300/hour machine (total of $1800

Our pricing philosophy

data warehouse costs

The elephant in the warehouse
(or what’s broken with today’s cloud data warehouse pricing model)

1. Cloud data warehouse vendors run their compute clusters on spot instances costing cents per hour, while charging you dollars per hour, an unbelievable premium.

2. With the common “pay per use” model, cloud data warehouse vendors earn more if your queries take longer to run. That’s a major conflict of interests no one seems to be talking about!

Cloud data warehouse providers essentially have no financial incentive to improve their query speed or reduce your cost per hour, as it will directly impact their revenues.

cloud data warehouse pricing

Time for a change!

Firebolt’s subscription costs are NOT dependent on the cloud resources you use.
With Firebolt, you pay the AWS base costs (no profit for us) for the cloud resources you consume (if you choose spot instances, you’ll enjoy spot pricing).

In addition there’s a fixed and fairly priced annual subscription giving you full access to the Firebolt platform.

This new business model ensures true alignment of interests with our customers, so you can rely on Firebolt to continue to innovate and roll out optimizations resulting in reduced cloud costs and improved query performance.

The Bottom Line:

You can now run
more queries
on more data
for more users
and get more value
than ever before

Get started today

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Get started today

No commitments. No risk

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