Driven by your dynamic use-cases 

Firebolt decouples storage and compute, enabling seamless scaling up or down to support any workload, amount of data and concurrent users.

Support dynamic use-cases with resources on-demand

Firebolt provides the flexibility to handle your ever changing resource requirements on-demand.
It decouples storage and compute to tackle the most challenging tasks, enabling parallelism and seamless resizing of nodes without expensive and time consuming resharding operations.

By isolating resources, different teams can start/stop compute engines for different workloads/tasks like ETL, heavy querying and exploration while getting the performance that they need.

Firebolt - elasticity at scale

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Gain maximum control with minimum hassle

Firebolt’s SaaS was designed based on the concepts of serverless simplicity without compromising control. Making a job run faster or scaling your data set no longer requires time consuming re-sharding/re-clustering, vacuuming, fragmentation and other heavy lifting tasks. And still, you have the power to control resource consumption or make one workload run faster than another. Choose the optimal resource for each task and Firebolt performs on the spot.

Elasticity controll

Experience a 10x or greater price-performance advantage

Choose any size node, any number, and then tune to get the best performance for each workload. Pay as you go with simple, transparent pricing. The combination of up to 10x greater efficiency, transparency, control and choice has delivered 10x or greater price-performance compared to the alternatives.
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