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Data Warehouse Comparison Guide

This whitepaper compares the major cloud data warehouse and query engine options on AWS across more than 30 different categories including their overall architectures and core features, scalability, performance, and cost, as well as their suitability across these different analytics use cases.

Native Semi-Structured Analytics

The advent of cheap, infinite cloud storage and massive data collection from the web and IoT  has dramatically transformed the nature of raw data subject to analytical query workloads. With endless streams of JSON log files and other nested serialization formats like Avro and Parquet, the ability to handle semi-structured data is a must.

Cloud Data Warehouse Pricing Guide

The process of understanding cloud data warehouse pricing models is not straightforward, as they are dependent on different parameters like speed, scale and usage. In the following article we’ll review the most common pricing models, their pros and cons and which use-cases they are most relevant for.

Evaluating Cloud Data Warehouses

When selecting a cloud data warehouse, technical and cost constraints make users compromise on certain features. The following checklist of criteria was written to help you determine which factors are most important for the success of your organization.


Firebolt Live Product Showdown

Learn how Firebolt's cloud data warehouse delivers super fast big data analytics more efficiently and at more manageable costs.


Understanding the Tech Behind Snowflake’s IPO and What’s To Come

What are the technological concepts that make Snowflake so unique, and why has it proven to be so disruptive for the data warehousing space in particular?

Why I Decided to Bring a New Cloud Data Warehouse to Market

For organizations to flourish today, they need to move fast. At the same time, moving fast and making data-driven decisions haven’t usually gone hand-in-hand together. Not yet anyway.

Case Studies


How a market leading company in the ad-tech space, is collecting billions of daily events, which are a key asset to the business.

Market Research

How a market research tech company took its in-app analytics experience to the next level.


Building A Better Data Warehouse For The Cloud At Firebolt - Episode 148

The current trends in data warehousing are oriented around cloud native architectures that take advantage of dynamic scaling and the separation of compute and storage. Firebolt is taking that a step further with a core focus on speed and interactivity.

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