A need for speed

We envision a world where data is at the center of every
important decision. A world where big data is lightning fast!


Why we started Firebolt

We believe in

Are we making the most of our data?

With the global mindset that “data is the new oil”, everyone is busy gathering as much data as they can. But are we really properly using this data?

The big data / small insights paradox

If it took Google a few minutes (or hours) to get your search results, would you still use it? The thing is, slow user experiences make us stop using products. As a business, our ability to extract insights out of our data is what makes us live or die. But when every query returns painfully slow results, we simply don’t ask as many questions.

Firebolt is here to fix all that

We’re here to enable business users to ask any question and get results, instantly. With Firebolt’s data warehouse as a service we offer business users extreme speed at any scale, enabling them to ask many more questions. And then some more. Until they discover something truly amazing.

Great product engineering

Many people ask us - is there magic involved in your technology? So yes, there’s real magic here and it’s driven by our product and engineering wizards.
Firebolt is based on the latest developments and research in the field of big data analytics. This enabled us to create the world’s most powerful cloud data warehouse and offer it as a service. Mix that up with a relentless pursuit for a superb product design and you have a platform that is slick, easy to use and gets the job done faster than anything else out there.

The human aspect

As much as we love great engineering, at the end of the day, it’s all about the people. We are first and foremost customer driven (even before being data driven) and are obsessed with providing the best overall experience for our customers.
Our customers, partners and of course our team serve as our compass on the path to data glory. We are here to change the way the world consumes data and we’re determined to do it while having a blast! :)

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Firebolt Leadership

Eldad Farkash
CEO & Co-Founder

Eldad Farkash is a serial entrepreneur, investor and big data thought leader. Prior to Firebolt, he founded Sisense Inc, a high growth analytics unicorn, was sitting on its board of directors and served as its CTO for 14 years. Eldad is a World Technology Awards fellow, and won the award in 2013 for his In-Chip technology invention.

Saar Bitner
COO & Co-Founder

Saar Bitner is an entrepreneur and executive with a keen understanding of analytics and big data, and more than a decade of marketing, sales, and product management experience. Prior to Firebolt, Saar was the GM at Sisense, a high growth analytics unicorn, and held multiple senior management roles in leading tech companies.

Asaph Schulman

A software engineer turned to the bright side of tech – Asaph is an entrepreneur who held a wide range of marketing leadership roles. Prior to Firebolt, Asaph was one of the first team members at Checkmarx, Israel’s fastest growing cyber security company where he led the marketing team and helped grow the company’s revenue X85.

Boaz Farkash

Boaz Farkash is a seasoned product leader with vast experience in data engineering and real-time analytics. Prior to Firebolt, Boaz was one of the first team members at Sisense, a software analytics unicorn, and contributed to its high growth for over a decade serving as its VP Product. 

Mosha Pasumansky

Mosha Pasumansky is an experienced engineer with a passion for data processing, analytics and distributed systems. Prior to Firebolt he built OLAP systems in Microsoft SQL Server, co-invented MDX query language and contributed to Bing's distributed storage and processing. As Principal Engineer at Google, he worked on all aspects of BigQuery turning it into Google Cloud's crown jewel.

Izik Orgad
VP Engineering

Izik is an accomplished engineering manager with over 10 years of experience. Prior to Firebolt, Izik led the data team at Bitmain, where he handled real-time data recording and analytics. Izik was also a senior engineer at Jethro Data and was in charge of building high performance databases.

Keenan Rice
GM Americas

Keenan Rice is a technology entrepreneur and active angel investor. Prior to Firebolt, Keenan was part of the founding team of Looker, building the initial GTM strategy and functions, most recently leading Global Partnerships & Emerging Markets expansion. He was at Looker from 3 employees through the $2.6B Google Cloud acquisition.

Tino Tereshko
VP Product

Tino Tereshko has a rare combination of technical, business, customer-centric, and evangelism expertise. Prior to Firebolt, Tino spent more than 7 years at Google, mostly as a Product lead on Google BigQuery and a Technical Director at Office of CTO. When not at work, you’ll find Tino spending time with his family and enjoying an occasional bike ride or two.

Alex Almeida
VP Solution Engineering

Alex has 20 years of experience leading customer-facing teams in the data and analytics space. He has served large enterprise customers across the globe by implementing complex business transformation initiatives. Prior to Firebolt, Alex led pre and post sales teams at Sisense and Imply.

Itay Link
VP of Finance

Itay is an Israeli CPA and holds a BA in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University and an MA in Law from Bar Ilan University. Itay has over 20 years of financial leadership experience within Technology companies. Most recently, Itay was the CFO of Morphisec an Endpoint Cyber security company.

Assaf Shahaf
VP of Cloud Operations

Assaf is an entrepreneur and a big data enthusiast with a strong background of engineering management. Prior to Firebolt, Assaf led the Business Intelligence and data infrastructure group at AppsFlyer, a mobile attribution leader. In his role, Assaf was responsible for processing Petabytes of data and making the data accessible to company's 1,000 employees.

Nouras Haddad
VP of Alliances

Nouras is a business development executive with deep experience in analytics and cloud computing, who loves working at the intersection of marketing, sales, and product strategy. Prior to Firebolt, Nouras headed up the technology ecosystem at Looker, where he built strategic partnerships and joint GTM success culminating in a $2.6bn acquisition by Google Cloud.

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In the news

Firebolt raises $127M more for its new approach to cheaper and more efficient Big Data analytics

“In addition, after speaking to a few of my portfolio companies and Firebolt’s initial design partners, it was clear that Firebolt is solving a major pain, so all in all, it was a fairly easy decision. The market in which Firebolt operates is huge if you consider the valuations of Snowflake and Databricks. Even more importantly, it is growing rapidly as the migration from on-premise data warehouse platforms to the cloud is gaining momentum, and as more and more companies rely on data for their operations and are building data applications.”

Six Months After Series A, Firebolt Strikes For $127M Series B

“The market in which Firebolt operates is huge if you consider the valuations of Snowflake and Databricks,” Zeev said. “Even more importantly, it is growing rapidly as the migration from on-premise data warehouse platforms to the cloud is gaining momentum, and as more and more companies rely on data for their operations and are building data applications.”

Data warehousing startup Firebolt just raised a $127 million round to help it take on giants like Snowflake and Amazon

"We're seeing amazing traction over the last six months," Eldad Farkash, CEO and cofounder of Firebolt, told Insider. "We realized we need to step up and move even faster than we did before."

Firebolt raises $127M to fuel cloud data warehouse efforts

״Firebolt is focused on data engineering and data engineers that want to solve real challenges on top of the data lake and they want to serve the data to users.”

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