built for the
modern data

Firebolt was architected from the ground up to leverage the benefits of the cloud and modern data stack, so you can build robust & scalable analytics experiences that will last.

A simple Saas platform

Focus on what matters

Enjoy the simplicity of SaaS and get started in minutes. Let Firebolt worry behind the scenes about things like provisioning, scale, and storage optimization, so that you can focus on generating value and insight from your data.

Built for

Native decoupling
of storage & compute

Architectures that still couple storage & compute are just not acceptable anymore for modern data challenges.
Decoupling allows you to match any workload with the right compute resources in complete isolation, easily scale up/down, and be in control of price/performance tradeoffs.

optimize price-performance

Granular control over compute resources

At Firebolt we believe that modern data engineering & dev teams value the ability to control what they’re running. This is why Firebolt lets you be very granular in your compute resource choices, letting you choose different CPU, SSD, and RAM combinations. This will allow you to optimize your resources for the best price-performance ratio, without over-spending on under-utilized resources.

Effortless integration

Leverage your
data lake on S3

Whether you store data in Parquet, ORC, CSV or JSON - just point Firebolt to S3 and easily set up continuous ingestion pipelines. Quickly get up and running with your most challenging workloads in Firebolt, while keeping what works in place.  

A look inside

The firebolt architecture

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