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the Cloud Data Warehouse
for Sub-Second Analytics

Deliver the most efficiently fast dashboards and data apps.

Engineer for speed

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Unparalleled efficiency

Best Price/Performance

Firebolt achieves new levels of efficiency using affordable compute clusters with optimized object storage and super-efficient indexing. Say goodbye to overprovisioned infrastructure.

Dynamic Scaling

Firebolt’s decoupled compute and storage architecture makes it easy to scale any workload. Segment and isolate various workload shapes easily on the same data - without creating replicas.

Total Developer Control

Data and dev teams use Firebolt's SQL-first simplicity and SDKs to deliver insights faster. PostgreSQL compatibility and semi-structured data processing help streamline data modeling while maximizing flexibility.

Learn how to deliver sub-second analytics over TB-scale datasets in our next Live Product Showdown

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Take a peek
under the hood

Read more in detail about Firebolt’s architecture to learn how we built a modern data platform that delivers sub-second analytics over hundreds of TBs.

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Next Generation
Unified Data Warehouse

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