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BI acceleration delivered without bolt-ons or compromises.

Creating fast dashboards is hard work. Analysts spend countless hours optimizing layouts and query speed while dealing with vast amounts of data. However, technology limitations force data analysts to make compromises such as pre-aggregating data, reducing analysis time windows, or working with cached stale data.

By aggregating data at a higher level, such as weekly or monthly, analysts can reduce the amount of data that needs to be processed, thus improving the dashboard's performance. But as a result, granular variations are lost. With Firebolt, you can aggregate data automatically at different granularity with full access to raw data. All delivered at blazing speeds.

Not all data warehouses process longer time windows effectively. As a result, analysis time windows are restricted to weeks when the business needs to explore years worth of data. Firebolt scans, filters, aggregates and analyzes data using specialized indexes, delivering the ability to work with extended time windows efficiently.

BI Tools rely on extracts to reduce concurrency demands and enable fast dashboard loads. However, this means end users must contend with stale data or wait for a fresh extract to be loaded. With Firebolt, many concurrent users can always work with live data without the operational overhead of extracts or the need to cache data.

Firebolt for Dashboard Acceleration

33-300x faster

According to customers’ own benchmarks, Looker dashboards and queries run 33-300x faster on Firebolt than on Snowflake, Redshift or Athena.

Unlimited scale

With Firebolt, companies have been able to sub-seconds performance for dashboards at gigabyte to petabyte scale, and unlimited room for growth.

5-10x lower cost

Firebolt’s 10x greater efficiency, choice of any node type and number, and price transparency has enabled Looker customers to get sub-seconds performance at 5-10x lower cost.

Too many concurrent users and queries?

Not a problem. Firebolt is designed to address high concurrency without running up your bill. Accelerate your dashboards with integrations with popular BI tools.

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