Process & Serve data on a Single Platform

Unified platform for fast analytics and data processing. Eliminate data duplication and redundant pipelines.

Consolidate your data processing and serving layer into Firebolt. No more dealing with multiple disparate systems in the form of Spark jobs, data warehouses (eg, Snowflake, BigQuery etc) and accelerators (eg, Druid, Pinot, ClickHouse etc).

Firebolt combines the best of both worlds by combining multi-stage distributed query execution, indexes and intelligent storage format to deliver on workloads with different profiles.

By leveraging Firebolt, an AdTech customer reduced compute consumption by 33% while increasing the speed of data processing by 82%. No need for proprietary skills, redundant data marts, or secondary pipelines. All done with SQL.

Firebolt consumes 33% less compute
Firebolt reduces processing time by 82%
Firebolt increases query speed 60X