Build best-in-class Data Apps

High concurrency, low-latency data apps without added cost or complexity.

Data Apps package data and insights into common day-to-day interactions through web or mobile apps or dashboards. Data apps provide a rich, interactive analytics experience to the end user and are easier to consume by a wider audience.


Data apps rely on data warehouses as the backend data source. However, performance, cost and scalability are challenges that data apps developers have to contend with.

Data warehouses can store and process vast amounts of data, which can lead to slow query times and poor user experiences if not optimized correctly. To ensure optimal performance, data apps must be designed with efficient data models and optimized queries that take advantage of the data warehouse's indexing, partitioning, and caching capabilities.

Another challenge that data apps face is cost. Data warehouses can be expensive to set up and maintain, and the cost can increase as data volumes grow. Data apps must be designed with cost optimization, using appropriate data storage strategies and minimizing data transfer costs. Additionally, data apps can take advantage of cost optimization features offered by the data warehouse, such as auto-pause, which automatically pauses compute resources when not in use, and usage-based billing, which charges only for the resources used.

As data volumes grow and more users access the data, the data warehouse must scale up or down to meet the changing needs of the data app. High concurrency data apps require significant infrastructure resources and can be expensive to deliver. To address these, data apps must be designed with scalability in mind, using appropriate partitioning and clustering strategies and avoiding performance bottlenecks. By designing data apps with performance, cost, and scalability in mind, and taking advantage of the features offered by the data warehouse, data apps can provide a seamless user experience while minimizing costs and ensuring scalability.

Firebolt delivers low latency, high concurrency, scale, and efficiency; these factors are critical to the success of every data app deployment. Firebolt leverages de-coupled storage and compute along with Specialized indexes that address performance, cost and scalability for data apps.

High Concurrency Data Apps on Firebolt

Simplifying E-Commerce Payments

A FinTech start-up provides a no-code payments integration platform to thousands of E-Commerce shops. Visibility into core payment performance and business metrics are consolidated in the form of insights delivered on a Firebolt based data app.

Delivering personalized content

A content strategy platform collects, analyzes and generates insights on audience engagement with personalized content. These insights are delivered to Fortune 500 customers through a custom data app to understand and promote user engagement.

Improving gaming analytics

A marketing platform measures the effectiveness of gaming videos through analytics on viewing trends collected from Twitch and Youtube. Viewership insights are delivered through a data app to help studios measure game performance vs competitors, spot new opportunities etc.