Top 3 Modern Industry Use Cases of Cloud Data Warehouses

Let's explore three modern industry use cases for cloud data warehousing.

Leveraging Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) Data

The global IIoT market will reach a value of over $2 trillion by 2030. Almost every industry, from manufacturing to energy and gas, utilizes the capabilities of IIoT devices. This means that vast volumes of data from these industrial smart devices need to be managed and put to good use. Traditional data warehouses aren’t the optimal solution here, making mining IIoT data one of the most important use cases for highly scalable, cost-effective, and accessible cloud data warehousing. 

Transforming Legacy Data into a Contemporary Asset

Legacy data isn’t data that is outdated. It’s data that exists in outdated environments. Businesses need to realize their legacy data is of tremendous value; the challenge is to unlock that value. 

Cloud data warehouses provide the tools to integrate legacy data into contemporary data streams, providing companies with holistic insights. 

Enhanced Strategic Decision-Making

One of the biggest advantages of cloud data warehousing is how quickly and confidently organizations can make strategic pivots. This is fueled by insights gathered from advanced analytics and reporting. 

The capabilities of cloud data warehousing allow businesses in numerous industries to get highly customized reports that address and answer very specific questions. This, in turn, greatly enhances decision-making.

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