Top 5 Cloud Data Warehouse Solution Providers


Snowflake Inc., one of the most commonly used cloud data warehouse solutions, was founded in Montana in 2012. Snowflake is a cloud-agnostic data warehouse, which means it can run on different cloud providers like Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS without affecting how end users operate and utilize it. Snowflake offers features including auto-scaling, cloning, data sharing , de-coupled compute & storage etc. 


BigQuery is a Google initiative in the cloud data warehousing space. BigQuery is a serverless data warehouse which leverages the compute and storage capabilities of Google Cloud. BigQuery provides features such as the ability to use simplistic machine learning models, streaming analytics and the ability to optimize data access through the BI engine. BigQuery Omni is an option that is geared towards expanding BigQuery usage on other cloud platforms.


Redshift is an offering within Amazon Web Services, one of the most widely used cloud providers in the world. It’s a petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse whose core features include comprehensive encryption options to maintain regulatory compliance, fault tolerance, column-oriented databases, network isolation, federated query capabilities, and a wide selection of built-in ML mechanisms. 


Azure Synapse Analytics, a Microsoft initiative, is an analytics service that catalyzes insight generation in large cloud data warehouses. A Synapse cloud data warehouse supports multiple languages and platforms including T-SQL, Python, Scala, Spark SQL, and .Net. Azure Synapse Analytics offers dynamic data masking and granular access controls to aid with compliance. Additional features include scalability, clustered columnstore indexes, and parallel processing. 


Founded by Eldad Farkash and Saar Bitner, Firebolt has been challenging multinational competitors with its modern, elastic cloud-native architecture. Perfect for the modern data stack, Firebolt’s biggest strengths are its unparalleled speed, scale, concurrency, and efficiency. This results in best-in-class price performance for data warehousing workloads. Delivered with the simplicity and power of SQL, Firebolt is the perfect solution for modern engineering and development teams.

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