Firebolt Cloud Data Warehouse. Extreme Query Performance at Any Scale.

Firebolt's Cloud Data Warehouse delivers extreme speed and elasticity at any scale, solving your impossible data challenges. Its unique technology combines the best of high performance database architecture with the infinite scale of the data lake, enabling you to perform analytics at jaw-dropping speed across terabyte and petabyte scale. Built on a decoupled storage and compute architecture, Firebolt allows you to easily scale up or down to support any workload.

How to Survive Ad Hoc and Interactive Analytics With Big Data?

2 Minutes on: Decoupled Storage And Compute on Firebolt's Cloud Data Warehouse

2 Minutes on: Coupling The Exact Needed Resources To Your Analytics Workload

Firebolt vs Snowflake vs Athena vs Redshift vs Druid | Cloud Data Warehouses Comparison Guide

Firebolt Live Product Showdown with Boaz Farkash

Firebolt presents: 42 Billion Rows of Data in 1.3 Seconds

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