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Learn how to run sub-second analytics over your most challenging data sets in an interactive, instructor-led workshop, where we'll answer all your questions.

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Right after the workshop we’ll give you access to your own Firebolt account with $200 credits.

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The hands-on workshop will cover:

  1. Firebolt concepts: databases, engines and users
  2. Data modeling and ingestion
  3. Querying your data fast using indexes and partitions
  4. Working with semi-structured data
  5. Your journey to production

People say

Firebolt has outperformed all other data serving SQL engines we have tested. It is built by engineers - for engineers

Roy Miara
Engineering Manager

Firebolt immediately gave us faster performance at a much greater scale, which let our customers analyze huge datasets with sub-second performance. It also gave us the flexibility to deliver complex data features at a much faster pace

Yoav Shmaria
VP R&D, Platform.

With Firebolt, our 1000 Looker users can now run any analytics against billions of rows and terabytes of data, in seconds or less.

Alexandra Sudilovski
S. BI Expert