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The Data Engineering Show is a podcast for data engineering and BI practitioners to go beyond theory, and learn from the biggest influencers in tech about their practical day to day data challenges and solutions in a casual and fun setting.

Building A Better Data Warehouse For The Cloud At Firebolt

The current trends in data warehousing are oriented around cloud native architectures that take advantage of dynamic scaling and the separation of compute and storage. Firebolt is taking that a step further with a core focus on speed and interactivity.

Drill to Detail: 'Firebolt and the History of Cloud Data Warehousing'

Mark Rittman is joined by Eldad Farkash, Co-Founder and CEO at Firebolt to talk about SiSense and Panorama, the history of cloud data warehouses and how Firebolt's technology delivers query results 4-6000x faster than Snowflake, Redshift and AWS Athena.

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Discover how Firebolt achieves extreme performance at a fraction of the cost


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