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the Cloud Data Warehouse
for Sub-Second Analytics

Deliver production-grade data applications, BI dashboards and interactive analytics with confidence. Fast, efficient, simple.

#Price-performance efficiency
#Low latency
#High concurrency
#SQL simplicity
#Elasticity & workload isolation

Unparalleled Price-Performance Ratio

Performance in the form of low latency and high concurrency is expensive and hard to deliver as you run into compute and storage cost overruns. Being fast is cool for us, but it’s even cooler without breaking the bank. Firebolt introduces new levels of hardware efficiency, enabling high-performance analytics using small, affordable compute clusters with compressed and performance-optimized object storage. Say goodbye to overprovisioned infrastructure.

Granular Elasticity
& Workload Isolation

Tired of managing infrastructure? Serious about elastic workload management? So are we. Delivered as SaaS with a decoupled compute and storage architecture, Firebolt makes it easy to scale up, down, out or in and match any workload with its optimal compute resource. Elasticity with granular scaling is what you get from Firebolt. Simply bring your datasets and complex queries and let Firebolt do the rest. Segment and isolate various workload shapes easily - on the same data - without creating replicas.

Built for data engineers and developers

Data engineers and developers leverage our SQL-first simplicity and SDKs to develop and deliver insights faster. Data teams rapidly provision and scale on-demand with the simplicity of SQL eliminating the need for infrastructure stand-up. Firebolt’s strong database fundamentals, PostgreSQL compatibility and semi-structured data processing help streamline data modeling while maximizing portability and flexibility.

Ecosystem Integrations

Modern data stack integrations are top of mind for us; helping reduce the friction as you transform raw data into insights. We are building a best of breed ecosystem to address your business intelligence, transformation, orchestration, integration and data app needs.

Use Cases

Accelerate Dashboards

Fast, responsive dashboards for internal BI or customer facing analytics define success and failure of analytics endeavors. Finally, a Cloud Data Warehouse that delivers the performance without workarounds in the form of extracts or caching layers.


Build best-in-class Data Apps

Building a data feature, product or data app? Are you ready for low latency, high concurrency that users expect? Firebolt Cloud Data Warehouse is built for the next generation of analytics delivery - data apps. With Firebolt, we take care of the performance needs of your data app while you focus on the user experience. Deliver an order of magnitude gain in query performance, enabling sub-second analytics at TB++ scale.


Process & Serve data on a Single Platform

Are you using Spark or a data warehouse for data processing and an accelerator for data serving? With Firebolt, you get a unified architecture that addresses both data processing and fast data delivery, eliminating complexity and cost. This gives you the flexibility to augment your existing data warehouse with Firebolt for your sub-second analytics needs or consolidate both data processing and serving needs into a single platform.


Next Generation
Unified Data Warehouse

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Read more in detail about Firebolt’s architecture to learn how we built a modern data platform that delivers sub-second analytics over hundreds of TBs.

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