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The cloud data warehouse for
analyzing terabytes in milliseconds

Elastic Data Warehouse with the Speed of a Query Accelerator

Data engineering teams often rely on a data warehouse for transforming and a query acceleration engine for serving. This leads to the need for specialized skills, data silos, redundant data flows, and skyrocketing costs. Firebolt combines the capabilities of a data warehouse with the power of a query accelerator to streamline your architecture and lower TCO. Offload your complex queries to Firebolt to accelerate their performance.

Loved by Data and Dev Teams

Learn how Firebolt cuts analytics cost and complexity while magnifying performance


Firebolt immediately gave us faster performance at a much greater scale, which let our customers analyze huge datasets with sub-second performance. It also gave us the flexibility to deliver complex data features much faster.

Alan O'Neill
Yoav Shmaria
VP R&D, Platform

Delivers interactive analytics to thousands of customers in production

With Firebolt, Similarweb serves enormous amounts of data to companies analyzing how their audiences interact with websites. Users can analyze up to two years of historical data with instant query response times.


1 PB

of data in production

5 TB

ingested daily


queries per second


Firebolt is a massive improvement to our BI efforts. Using the same test dataset of 100 million records, other databases took minutes, Firebolt analyzed in seconds.

Alan O'Neill
Yaron Cohen-Leo
BI Team Lead


Cuts query latency from days to seconds while lowering costs

Bigabid use Firebolt to analyze billions of records daily, to help their developer audience increase their app usage and optimize ad spend. It now takes seconds to deliver analytics that previously took days or weeks to calculate.



auctions analyzed per second


faster query performance


reduced storage cost


Firebolt helped us with various scenarios leveraging REST APIs.
I was really impressed by the speed. All this was done with minimal compute resources.

Alan O'Neill
Daniel Delgado

Dealer Trade Network

Expand timeframe of historical queries for deeper insights

DTN operate the USA’s largest dealer-to-dealer car trading network. Firebolt powers the network’s data features which track inventory and market trends, providing timely reports over a 12-month data retention period, compared to a 1-month window previously possible.



faster queries


faster aggregation


more data analyzed


With Firebolt there’s a lower monthly cost and some very dramatic performance improvements. We’ve gone from minutes to seconds on particular sets of very tricky queries.

Alan O'Neill
Tom Niskanen


Serve granular insights from millions of gaming channels via their app

Powered by Firebolt, Lurkit’s platform connects game developers with content creators by collecting and analyzing data from millions of channels on Twitch, Youtube and more. Users can interactively query years of historical data with fine granularity to gain insights.



games analyzed


analytics cost reduction


larger historical queries


As a customer-facing product, we can’t have a 3-4 second delay when moving from a 6-month to a 12-month view. I need that instantly. And that’s what we get with Firebolt.

Alan O'Neill
Aaron Rank
Head of Data & Analytics


Accelerates query performance with SQL simplicity

Firebolt powers Primer’s customer-facing Fintech app with sub-second performance. Their app users can query growing volumes of data in SQL with maximum processing efficiency and minimal TCO for Primer.



of data in production


ingested daily


queries per second


Whether we have 100, 200, or 250 users accessing a BI tool, we need consistent sub-second query performance. Firebolt is a key partner for us.

Alan O'Neill
Jeremy Stroud
Director IT Architecture


Maximizes analytics performance for Healthcare BI applications

IQVIA use Firebolt to power diverse workloads - from ELT to batch analytics to customer-facing applications - with consistently high performance. Live queries run at high concurrency without caching or cubing - all in SQL.


1 PB

queried in 1.2 seconds


reduced storage costs


faster data ingestion

Built from the Cloud Up

Firebolt is a fully managed service with key features like decoupled storage and compute, workload isolation, multidimensional elasticity for granular scaling, and optimized cloud storage.

SQL-first with ACID Compliance

Data and dev teams use Firebolt's SQL simplicity and SDKs to build data products faster. Enjoy transactional consistency with workload isolation, distributed writes and scale-out processing.

Millisecond Performance at Scale

Serve complex queries on TBs of raw data with consistent millisecond latency fit for high-concurrency applications. Firebolt achieves new levels of performance and cost efficiency with specialized indexes and JOIN acceleration.

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