The Ultimate
Cloud Data

Firebolt delivers extreme speed and elasticity at any scale solving your impossible data challenges

A new class of cloud data warehouses

Firebolt has completely redesigned the cloud data warehouse to deliver a super fast, incredibly efficient analytics experience at any scale

scale & elasticity

An order-of-magnitude leap in performance means you can analyze much more data at higher granularity with lightning fast queries. Easily scale up or down to support any workload, amount of data and concurrent users.
See how powerful it is
See how powerful it is

Rapid cloud data

At Firebolt we believe that data warehouses should be much easier to use than what we’re used to. That's why we focus on turning everything that used to be complicated and labor intensive into simple tasks.
Learn how easy it is
Learn how easy it is

Best Price-
Performance Ratio

Cloud data warehouse providers profit from the cloud resources you consume. We don’t!
Finally, a pricing model that is fair, transparent, and allows you to scale without breaking the bank
Realize how cost effective it is
Realize how cost effective it is
Gil Luz
Data Nation

As a data advisor for many tech companies, I have extensive experience with most data warehouse solutions. I'm super impressed by Firebolt's extreme performance, intuitive user experience and innovative business model.
I have no doubt this is a game changer!

Easily create an awesome data experience

Firebolt's serverless architecture connects to your S3 data lake as its data source and to the entire data ecosystem using standard SQL as its destination

Data warehouses have always been about scale

It’s time to focus on speed and efficiency

Curious to learn more?

Discover how Firebolt achieves extreme performance at a fraction of the cost

But don’t take our word for it 

Set up an account, connect to your S3 data lake, and fasten your seat belt

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