Firebolt Product Showdown

Join Boaz Farkash, Firebolt's CPO, to learn how Firebolt's cloud data warehouse delivers super fast big data analytics more efficiently and at more manageable costs.RSVP

How we built the world's fastest cloud data warehouse

Learn how Firebolt utilizes recent advancements in lake-scale optimized approaches to storage and indexing, to achieve new levels of efficiency for analytics over data volumes that were once impossible to handle.Watch on-demand

How AppsFlyer delivers sub-seconds self-service BI to 1000 users

Join Alexandra Sudilovski, Senior BI Expert at AppsFlyer and Boaz Farkash, CPO at Firebolt to learn how AppsFlyer scaled its self-service BI to support 1000 users running analytics at any scale in seconds, while delivering new reports within days.Watch on-demand

The Magic Pill for Tableau Extracts

Tableau extracts are great for high-speed interactive analytics. HOWEVER. Growth in data volumes results in slow dashboard response times. Plus, fresh data can’t be analyzed immediately since just generating extracts can take hours... To work around this, many Tableau users either analyze less data than they want or compromise on analyzing aggregated data. Firebolt's CPO Boaz Farkash will explain and demonstrate how to ingest granular data into the data warehouse and Tableau using a live connection.Watch on-demand

How to survive ad hoc and interactive analytics with big data

Is there anything more frustrating than waiting and waiting for a query to complete? This deep dive will go into techniques and common best practices for satisfying the need for ad hoc speed at big data scale.Watch on-demand

Webinar: Firebolt POCs Explained -What Makes Firebolt Outperform Snowflake, Athena and others

Join Matan Sarig, Firebolt’s Solution Architect as he reveals the numbers behind some of Firebolt’s recent POCs. He’ll show you the queries tested and optimizations used and explain how Firebolt has delivered over 46-6000x faster performances vs Snowflake, Athena and others.Watch on-demand

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