Visualize all of your data in sub-seconds

As data volumes continue to grow, performance can suffer, causing Tableau users to grow impatient while waiting for their dashboards to load. Tableau extracts can alleviate this problem temporarily, but the real answer is in the data warehouse.

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The Tableau + Firebolt Advantage

Firebolt is a next generation cloud data warehouse that delivers sub-second dashboarding experiences with Tableau for internal and external use cases. Access all of your data - no extracts, no waiting.

Ditch extracts

Sub-second query performance means you can run live dashboards without relying on extracts.

Magnitudes Faster

According to customer benchmarks, Tableau dashboards load in 1-3 seconds on Firebolt, even at TB++ scale and high concurrency.

Optimize cloud spend

Firebolt’s efficiency, granularity, and price transparency give Tableau users high performance without increasing cloud spend.

Why is running Tableau over Firebolt so much faster?

Sub-second performance for customer-facing apps

When embedded analytical experiences are a key component of your product, fast dashboard performance isn’t just nice to have - it’s critical. Tableau is frequently embedded into apps for its ease of use, but without consistently fast response times, users can get frustrated. Firebolt powers Tableau with sub-second responses over the largest data and concurrency to handle your toughest customer-facing use cases.

Access to live data, without the extracts

As data grows and dashboards become more complex, Tableau users often reach for data extracts to address performance challenges. But as data keeps growing, so does time spent generating extracts. Query performance eventually stops scaling, and data freshness is compromised. Firebolt eliminates the need for extracts or pre-aggregation by delivering sub-second query performance on live datasets.

Built for TB-scale data and beyond

Your data engineers worked hard to build pipelines that collect rich, granular data. Don’t let your data warehouse performance keep you from analyzing all of it with Tableau. Firebolt can handle your TB++ scale data in live query mode with Tableau without any pre-aggregation or sampling -so you get insights from all of your data.
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The combination of Firebolt and Tableau lets us use our data to understand how players are interacting with our game, and to make sure they have the best experiences.

Miles Metzger
Product Manager, One More Game