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A real life showcase of how fast Firebolt can run huge datasets.

How decoupled storage & compute allows you to match any workload with the right compute resources

How to do it all by using just SQL

Firebolt demo in 5 minutes

You’re about to see the cloud data warehouse for the fastest analytics experiences in action. Seatbelt is advised.

People say

Firebolt has outperformed all other data serving SQL engines we have tested. It is built by engineers - for engineers

Roy Miara
Engineering Manager

Firebolt immediately gave us faster performance at a much greater scale, which let our customers analyze huge datasets with sub-second performance. It also gave us the flexibility to deliver complex data features at a much faster pace

Yoav Shmaria
VP R&D, Platform.

With Firebolt, our 1000 Looker users can now run any analytics against billions of rows and terabytes of data, in seconds or less.

Alexandra Sudilovski
S. BI Expert

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