Case Study: Ad-Tech

Our customer, a market leading company in the ad-tech space, is collecting billions of daily events, which are a key asset to the business. Today, multiple teams of analysts, data engineers and data scientists derive more value from their data.

Firebolt was selected to assist with a challenge the company was struggling with for a while - increasing the time window of data that can be effectively analyzed from 1 month (~0.6TB) to a full year (~7TB), while supporting more concurrent users and keeping up with the company’s growth. Due to the scale of the data, multiple attempts to increase the analysis window were either not performant enough, causing user frustration or not cost-effective enough.

The company was able to quickly integrate Firebolt through the AWS Marketplace and extend their existing infrastructure to support a full year of data analysis, while keeping a fast and responsive user experience that can support a high load of concurrent users. This enables the company to have a better understanding of the performance of the business, and drive better decision making both for operational and strategic purposes. 

This also resulted in broader adoption within the company of reporting and analytics. Users who did not find enough value in monthly analysis, or were frustrated by the slow response times, gave the internal platform a second chance and showed increased usage patterns.  

With Firebolt, utilizing more EC2 compute resources to solve the company’s data challenge became a simple, elastic and fully Firebolt-managed task. This allowed the data engineering team to focus on data models and broader analytics use cases, and not on database management and performance tuning.