Turn complex & labor-intensive data challenges into trivial tasks

What is Rapid Warehousing?

At Firebolt we believe that data warehouses should be much easier to use than what we’re used to.

That's why we focus on turning everything that used to be complicated and labor intensive into simple tasks.

This is how rapid warehousing is achieved and it’s how you replace time spent on non productive tasks with valuable data analysis and development.

Stop wasting time on

Don’t worry about servers, clusters, installations and hardware

Firebolt is fully SaaS. This means that we take care of everything, while keeping you with enough power to control your users experience and costs. Welcome to the era of the Cloud-Data-Warehouse as a service. 

Always fast, without the hard work

Easily keep sub-second query response times even when scaling up to Terabyte or Petabyte scale. Say goodbye to pre-aggregations, no complex scaling up procedures, and endless complex optimization projects.  

Analyze semi structured data quickly and easily

With native support for semi-structured data and querying with SQL, semi-structured data can be analyzed quickly and easily, without the need for complicated ETL processes that flatten and blow up data set size and costs.
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Updates and Deletes?
No problem

The Firebolt File Format (TripleF) was designed to easily support merge data updates into its physical structure. Updating data has never been quicker and easier. 

Stop fixing data structure problems

Are you spending too much time worrying about things like data fragmentation and vacuuming? Worry no more. Firebolt’s File Format is immune to it. No special care needed. 

Easily assign the right resources to the right people

With complete compute and storage resource isolation, you can granularly control who gets what kind of resource. This helps you both save costs and have more granular control over the experience your users get from querying the data. Learn more

Program with SQL, and not proprietary programming languages

Everything that can be done in Firebolt can also be done with SQL. This means that everyone who knows SQL can write scripts that automate complex procedures in minutes, without help from anyone.

Stop guessing how the data you’re importing looks like

Ingesting new data into Firebolt is quick and easy, because Firebolt helps you analyze and understand the schema of the data in your data lake. This removes lengthy guesswork iterations and lets you get started with new data as fast as possible. 

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