Firebolt Employee Referral Program

Last updated on: March 2, 2022

Every Firebolter is part of the recruiting team! Firebolt is growing fast and always looking for more amazing talent to join us. We are sure you have a strong network with lots of great people that can help Firebolt succeed, so we need your help in spreading the word and bringing great people to join our team!

Who Can Make a Referral?

All Firebolt employees!

Who is Eligible for the Bonus?

Everyone, except for VP level and above, the recruiting team, and managers with hiring authority over the referred candidates.

What Positions are eligible for the Referral Bonus? 

You can review current openings on our career page 

How to Make a Referral?

If you can’t find a role that can fit your friends' skills, submit them to, and we will review the application.

What Qualifies as a Referral? 

  1. The candidate must be submitted in Comeet as a new referral by the referring employee with an endorsement before a recruiting team member has engaged the candidate. Please make sure to send an endorsement regarding your referral. 
  2. If your referral applied after you told them about the position, please contact the recruiting team to let them know that you should be listed as the referral. (However, after the candidate is invited to interview, the candidate can no longer be considered a referral eligible for the bonus).
  3. A candidate that has not applied or been contacted for at least a year.
  4. Be hired as permanent full employees or part-time employees (relative to the scope of work).
  5. The referral bonus will not be eligible for returning employees.

How Much is the Referral Reward? 

$3000 or equivalent conversion.

Referral Process: 

How soon would I receive the payment:

Is there a cap to how many employees’ I can refer? 

There is no cap on the number of referrals an employee can make. All rewards will be paid accordingly.

We may change our referral bonus program over time to add more interesting incentives. We also reserve the right to abolish certain rewards if they prove ineffective or inefficient. We’ll communicate any change clearly and timely.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the recruiting team for any questions.