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Firebolt immediately gave us faster performance at a much greater scale, which let our customers analyze huge datasets with sub-second performance.
It also gave us the flexibility to deliver complex data features at a much faster pace

Yoav Shmaria
VP R&D, Platform.

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Firebolt raises $37M to take on Snowflake, Amazon and Google with a new approach to data warehousing

“Data warehouses are solving yesterday’s problem, which was, ‘How do I migrate to the cloud and deal with scale?'” said Eldad Farkash, citing Google’s BigQuery, Amazon’s RedShift and Snowflake as fitting answers for that issue. “We see Firebolt as the new entrant in that space. We change the discussion from one of scale to one of speed and efficiency.”

Firebolt, Israeli Cloud Data Warehouse Startup Forklifts Forward

"Firebolt: hot enough to melt a cloud Snowflake? Snowflake made big financial news in this marketplace last year with its IPO. Now securing US$37 million in series A financing as reported here on Forbes by Gil Press, a potential Snowflake melter has also emerged in the shape of Israel-headquartered Firebolt."

The CEO of Firebolt says he convinced investors to pour $37 million into his data startup without a pitch deck by proving the tech was a 'speedboat' that could take on Amazon, Google, and Snowflake

"The thing is, it's about the need and demand," Farkash said. "We're lucky to be at the right place at the right time, given the things happening around us. Everyone wants to be data-driven now, using data to move their business better."

Firebolt raises $37 million to accelerate big data analytics

“While companies can store massive amounts of data, most organizations are only able to analyze a fraction of that big data, and they often find themselves looking at stale data that does not reflect the current state of their business,” Farkash told VentureBeat via email.