Data Engineer


Who we are

Firebolt is redefining the big-data space while challenging competitors such as Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery. We’re building a revolutionary cloud data warehouse as-a-service, completely redesigned for the era of clouds, lakes, and impossible data challenges. Firebolt is a well-funded startup, founded by ex Sisense founders (an already successful company in the big-data field) and employs some of the leading high-performance database experts in the world. 

About the job to be done

We are looking for a full-time data engineer with strong hands-on coding experience, who wishes to experience AI/ML work. You will be one of the founding members of our new AI team, researching database optimization strategies, in order to help the user make smarter decisions yielding better performances. You will be tackling diverse problems, developing and applying ML techniques, and building high-quality prediction systems integrated with our product.

Skills and Qualifications

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