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the Cloud Data Warehouse
for Sub-Second Analytics

Deliver production-grade data applications, BI dashboards and interactive analytics with confidence. Fast, efficient, simple.

#Price-performance efficiency
#Low latency
#High concurrency
#SQL simplicity
#Elasticity & workload isolation

Faster than anything you’ve seen, at data-lake scale

Deliver sub-second and highly concurrent analytics experiences over big and granular data, fueled by Firebolt’s storage and compute-optimized technology.

An architecture built for easy & flexible elasticity

Firebolt’s decoupled storage & compute architecture allows you to match analytics and ELT workloads with the right compute resources. Adding or scaling resources up/down is always just a command or click away.

Ship robust data
applications, fast

Orchestrate Firebolt 100% programmatically using our REST API, JDBC and SDKs. Focus on your data applications, and let us worry about things like performance optimization, storage management and cluster management.

Get your hands on Firebolt's fast Cloud Data Warehouse in our next interactive, instructor-led workshop.

Engineers love Firebolt

From speed of ingestion to speed of performance, Firebolt has blown expectations out of the water. We can provide better tools that answer far more of our customers' questions. We'll be able to grow our business much faster on the back of this.

Alan O'Neill

Firebolt immediately gave us faster performance at a much greater scale, which let our customers analyze huge datasets with sub-second performance. It also gave us the flexibility to deliver complex data features at a much faster pace

Yoav Shmaria
VP R&D, Platform.

With Firebolt, our 1000 Looker users can now run any analytics against billions of rows and terabytes of data, in seconds or less.

Alexandra Sudilovski
S. BI Expert

See how Firebolt works

Take a peek
under the hood

Read more in detail about Firebolt’s architecture to learn how we built a modern data platform that delivers sub-second analytics over hundreds of TBs.

Cloud data warehouse - a diagram

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